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A good news for wildlife lovers and people going for wildlife tours! NOPASNA brings to you one-stop-information-center from where you can browse many packages without wasting much of time and energy like
Tourism packages
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At our place you will get to know about new wildlife destinations. In addition, you will get the guide having all the information, do's and don'ts, planning and other necessary things that make your tour enjoyable and worry-free. Last but not the least; we have classified the spots accordingly your wishes so that you can find out the places where you can enjoy to the full.
1.Wildlife tour Packages :
The natural wealth of India & Africa has been unique and fascinating for nature lovers. Varieties of wild life can be seen in sanctuaries, national parks. Spot a striped predator amidst the tall grass or wet lands , seeing herds of wild elephants, deer in natural habitat or watching peacock dancing in all its splendor. What makes the experience even more enthralling is exploring the sanctuaries on elephants back or even in jeeps. A wild life tour is incomplete if you don't actually live in forest for a few days. Imagine living in a rest house or tent in the midst of dense wilderness & waking up to the twittering of the birds or maybe the roar of lion! Day trips alone are certainly not enough to show you the true majesty, so why not try this too? NOPASNA will make the arrangements for your tour i.e wild life safari tour , jeep safaris, elephant safaris, hotel booking, wild Life Resorts, Lodges.
a) Indian Wildlife Tour : Explore the wild jungles and forests of India with NOPASNA . Feel the excitement of seeing a majestic tiger prowling in a jungle, or elephants and rhinos trampling their way through the tall grass of a National Park in India. See amazing animals on wildlife safari tours in India. Spot wild creatures and explore nature tracts inhabited by rare birds. Come face to face with a sloth bear or a wild hyena; feel the thrill of
photographing a wild lion on the prowl and experience an Indian jungle safari with us. NOPASNA offers unforgettable Nature tours to India.
b) Africa Wildlife Tour: NOPASNA is your passport for a safari to "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries". As an established travel outfitter we offer an exciting portfolio of trips full of the adventure and splendor of Africa. Our team of experienced 'safari consultants' are refreshingly passionate about creating and planning life-changing experiences for first time and returning travelers! safari will be the most enjoyable and rewarding environmental contribution you will ever make, as together, our support conserves African wildlife and habitats and the growth of sustainable tourism
2. Adventure tourism package :
India, the land of exalting adventures and irresistible charm! India is no doubt the most favorite adventure tourism destination in the world. After all, no other place can offer such enormousness for adventures and thrills. India is one of the loveliest geographically architected places in the world. Skies touching mountains blanketed with lush white snow invite every one for glacier tours and snow trekking. NOPASNA is the finest route to experience trekking trails, expedition trails and many others trails across the various corners of the nation & even in Brazil, Newzealand , Antarctica, African desert .
3 . Honeymoon Packages with adventure :
Weddings take a lot of preparation and a lot of excitement surround them, so having a relaxing, romantic getaway planned for after your wedding will be perfect. Maybe you want an action packed vacation that is full of adventure, sightseeing and culture, the options are Natural Love : A tasteful blend of nature exploration and unique touches to celebrate your honeymoon nature-style.
Romantic Safari :
Venture into the forests - Ultimate honeymoon trip to Celebrate Romance in Green… the newColor of Passion.
Eco Honeymoon :
while not letting yourselves be pampered by the casual luxury offered by the hotels visited.
Nopansa helps you out in organizing the complete package in the places like

• Nepal
• Bhutan
• Singapore
• Maldives
• Mauritius
4 . Pilgrimage in Himalayas :
For the rest of the world Himalayas is a mountain range that encloses the Highest peaks of the world. For the thrill seekers, Himalayas is the ultimate adventure sports destination. And for the tourists they have the most exotic and picturesque holiday resorts found on earth. But for the pilgrims they are the most sacred and revered mountain ranges in the world. From ancient times these holy mountains were considered the abode of Lord Shiva. It was here in the mist shrouded crags of these mystic ranges that the legends and myths of Hinduism were born and thrive to this day.

Drive along ancient pilgrim trails, visit the remote Himalayan temples and shrines and experience the serenity and tranquility of the Himalayas. Travel on the same trail used by pilgrims for centuries to visit sacred pilgrimage site such as Kailas Mansarovar, the Holy Mountain in Tibet ( via Nepal) and the Char Dhams Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri. In the Trans-Himalayan regions the Monasteries, often built on steep slopes, still dominate social life and religious practices that continues in much the same way.
We, Connecting Horizons, are a travel service related organization which fulfills more than your travel needs ... we celebrate the places, the people and everything that make Himalaya great.
We are the pioneers in introducing the concept of Luxury Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) for your wonderful Holiday dreams become the most memorable and proud to be remembered in your life. So to make this successful we offer you very safe, adventurous, awesome services at our Four Wheel Drive India and the Drivers who take you around will be the most professionally trained drivers under our Four Wheel Drive India's Defensive training program. So, what is the wait for hurry and contact us for your bookings?
the Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) including 4WD vehicle services in India, which has a fleet of luxury MUV and 4WD vehicle which are not only air-conditioned but are also equipped with well versed safety features like Roll Bar, Bull Bar, Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Seat Belts, First Aid Kit, Emergency Response Plan
4WD/ MU Vehicle are more comfortable when you go on a short or long distance drive or holidays or adventures because of its special comfortable features like more leg space to stretch yourselves comfortably, has more capacity to handle more luggage, this is more rigid to take you through the tough terrains and isolated deserts because also of its high safety oriented features. These 4WD/ MU Vehicle Services is available for:
•  All the 4Wheel Drive (4WD) / Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV)/ Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) are provided on daily as well as Monthly basis
•  We provide all Vehicles with properly trained drivers as per Four Wheel Drive India training program.
•  All the 4Wheel Drive (4WD) / Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV)/ Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) are properly maintained and kept in solid good conditions.
•  We provide to Trans Himalayas, Indian Desert, Western Ghats, Coastal Line, Ooty( Nilgiris Bio-sphere)
Caravan or Camper van is the only way to explore the surrounding and mother nature without worrying about time schedule and freedom to come and go at your own convenience on the highways and byways of the world, at your own pace. From breathtaking vistas of the snow-capped Rocky mountains of Nepal, to the high passes of Leh, Ladakh to colorful landscape of Himachal Pradesh, to a sunset in the desert of Rajasthan; from sun-kissed beaches of Goa to winding rivers of Kerala; meandering through the game park of Corbett or discover the grandeur of Uttrakhand. Whichever destination you choose the freedom of road is yours.
NOPASNA offers some of the most interesting and adventures caravan holiday packages in India / Nepal / Tibet / Bhutan.
• Leisure / family vacation tours by caravan
• Caravan Adventure Tours / Expedition
• Luxury Caravan for Hire and Rental in India
We render our technical and mechanical support to the travelers struck with the breakdown of their caravan within India. We at NOPASNA take our work with pride and are always (round the clock) ready to support the likeminded travelers.
Caravan Accessories
Awnings, Porches & Annexes   Electrical items   Level ramps&chocks   Tents
Batteries&power accessories   Events   Lighting&lighting accessories   Toilets
BBQ   Fridges   Motor Movers   Towing Accessories
Bicycles   Gas Bottles&accessories   Pumps (water & air)   Trailer tents
Boating accessories   General Accessories   Roof Bars&Boxes   Trailers
Books Generators Security Accessories Upholstery&Soft Furnishings
Caravan steps   Groundsheets   Silver Screen   Water (waste) carriers
Cookers&cooking equipment   Heaters&heating accessories   Situations Vacant   Water containers&accessories
Covers   Hook-up cable   Solar Panels   Wheels&Tyres
    Insurance   Solar Panels    
Tourism Guide Courses
If you have a genuine passion for the natural environment, love an outdoor lifestyle, and want to share this passion with others, adventure ecotourism could be the career path for you. This course includes practical experience through workplace learning. This specialization provides a broader understanding of conservation, ecology, cultural issues, management, and tourism.
This is a growing field which offers excellent opportunities in the field of tour operations, tour-packages, sight-seeing etc. Many employment opportunities exist in this industry. Travel services including tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, restaurateurs transport service providers, adventure and leisure tourism providers, heritage sites and their conservation, manufacture and sale of handicraft items, marketing of souvenirs- all of which needs a degree of professionalism. Besides the specialized services, there are the support services: administration in the offices, secretarial and clerical jobs. The Government of India has recognized the tourism sector as an industry thereby boosting the career prospects
Learning facilities :
To make sure you are experienced using the equipment and techniques found in the workplace, our facilities include:
• a range of field-based equipment and software relevant to undertaking field study exercises
• fully equipped laboratory facilities
• a library that covers a broad range of natural and cultural management literature.
• Practical experience will undergo in resorts.
This is a growing field which offers excellent opportunities in the field of tour operations, tour-packages, sight-seeing etc. Many employment opportunities exist in this industry. Travel services including tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, restaurateurs transport service providers, adventure and leisure tourism providers, heritage sites and their conservation, manufacture and sale of handicraft items, marketing of souvenirs- all of which needs a degree of professionalism. Besides the specialized services, there are the support services: administration in the offices, secretarial and clerical jobs. The Government of India has recognized the tourism sector as an industry thereby boosting the career prospects . Campus recruitment is done.
Academic expectations :
Students should normally expect to spend between 40-60 hours engaged in the specified learning and assessment activities (such as attending lectures or residential schools, assigned readings, tutorial assistance, individual or group research/study, forum activity, workplace learning, assignments or examinations). The student workload for some subjects may vary from these norms as a result of approved course design. Students will be assessed on the basis of completed assignments, examinations, workplace learning, or other methods. Where applicable, students are responsible for travel and accommodation costs involved in workplace learning experiences
Brief Description of a few Courses
• Eco guide/ Naturalist : The course will provide with a broad understanding of the flora, fauna, and ecosystems You'll learn wildlife tracking, bird language, survival and native living skills, traditional herbalism, naturalist mentoring... and more! The trained guide will be recruited in wild life resorts / government undertaking resort which is in high demand.
• Adventure guide coarse /instructor course : In this specialization, students will study leadership, recreation and conservation alongside of professional training in Terrestrial, Aqua & Aero Sports (bushwalking, rock climbing and abseiling. Canoeing, ski touring and ski camping, mountain biking, sea kayaking and whitewater rafting) .Students undertaking will complete units in adventure programming and guiding, legal issues, workplace safety, wilderness first aid and emergency care, and information and communication technologies.
• Tourist Guide : A travel / tourist guide's job is both delightful and challenging. A tourist guide has to make the tourist spots aesthetically appealing, whether it the narrow and filthy lanes of a historical city or the striking landscape of Himalayas. He has to uphold the cultural traditions and heritage of the place being visited and also talk of social customs, even local superstitions. In this job, it's important to satisfy the curiosity of a tourist, especially the first - timers.
Personal attributes : An outgoing, friendly personality; ability to handle people, verbal fluency, aptitude for languages are the skill set required to be successful in the field. You need to have a thorough knowledge relating to traveling and tourist destinations, business tactics and social etiquettes. Lastly, the ability and patience to help and provide hospitality is a must. One should also have an up-to-date knowledge of available facilities and services in the field .
NOPASNA gives the training to the guides in skills & knowledge which Tour Guide need to have .
• knowledge of the route to be covered and its features or attractions
• knowledge of INDIAN culture, history, society,   geography, flora and fauna
• knowledge of other cultures
• research skills, to collect information to use on the tour
• knowledge of how to run tours with minimal impact on the environment
• leadership, communication and public speaking skills
• problem-solving skills
• knowledge of safety procedures and relevant laws, and crisis and risk management skills
• planning, organisational and time management skills.
• Foreign Languages
• Improvise Personal Qualities like
friendly, outgoing and able to put people at ease
polite, patient and professional
responsible and trustworthy
helpful and perceptive of visitors' needs
able to take criticism
able to relate to people from a wide range of cultures and background
AMC With Resorts
Annual Maintenance Contract outsourcing Trained Staff & certified Equipments for Adventure Sports
(Contracting is an effective combat service support force multiplier that can increase the existing capability, provided a new source of service & supplies & bridge gap in the deployed force structure.)
Contractual & Temporary Staffing Outsourcing
Explore the process of trained staff supply : The word trained staff has a varied meaning as in a way you can say that a hard trained staff always bear fruit and you can also state that trained staff play a very significance role in this industrial world. With the advancement of time you can see a tremendous growth in reorts. Thus, this scenario predicts two things; a good sign of economic development and to do this you need efficient trained staff supply.
In every nation the development of a industrialization is based on efficient trained staff supply. Thus, it is seen that due to the immense demand of trained staff supply, the demand of the trained staff contractor has also increased. Nowadays, as everybody is in a cut throat completion thus to be in a good position you should have good industrial resources therefore; one of the most important is efficient and productive trained staff supply. But have you ever thought how to get a good trained staff resource?
• Answer to this question is that an efficient trained staff supply can really do a lot of difference. Be it a developed nation or a developing nation somewhere trained staff resource plays a very important role. Therefore, the main positive points of trained staff contractors or supply are as follows: When your plant an industry the most important aspect is the trained staff resources
• An efficient trained staff supply gives a strong back up to the industry
• It is seen that trained staff contractor play a very important role in the industrial scenario
• It is a fact that a small amount of efficient trained staff, on the other hand a great trained staff resources may not give the acquired the same efficiency
• Thus, it is very tough to get a good trained staff resources or trained staff supply
As you have realized the importance of trained staff supply so you need to know also about the significant role played by the trained staff contractor.
The main role of trained staff contractor:
In order to get an efficient trained staff force you should have a reliable hand so that you get a efficient worker. In every industry or factory you see that the work is productive or bad all because of a good trained staff force. But then a good or a bad trained staff force is the outcome of a good job done by an efficient trained staff contractor, who do the selection of the workers an allot them work in the organization.
Semi - Skilled Manpower
We are a well known organization, engaged in providing Semi skilled manpower on contract to our clients. Our consultants monitor the entire recruiting procedure meticulously to ensure that our clients get best candidate for their organization. Moreover, we conduct meetings and interviews with candidate in order to judge their capability in particular domain.
Unskilled Manpower
We are a well-known organization, engaged in providing Un-skilled manpower on contract to our clients. The Un-skilled candidates are selected by our hiring Executives on certain parameters like their qualification, aptitude and attitude. We supply quality daily wages manpower and laborers as per requirement on contract basis. Our trained manpower and labor supervisors are capable of delivering all types of requirements on day to day basis.
Skilled & highly-Skilled Manpower( Resource Person / Senior Instructors): Our organization is tied up with many resource persons or senior instructors who will be present on required dates.
Tourism Publishing & Documentation:
We intend to promote to provide the detailed tourist friendly guide about tourism places, lesser known tourist places, and documentation on tourist related places