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"Past few years have seen heat waves, famine, depletion of ground water, erratic rains,
drought, floods and loss of crops. "

"One of the best ways to overcome this is to plant more and make the earth green again. 
Best time to do it was 20 years back...the next Best Time is NOW!”

Mission Green, is a billion tree plantation program
To fight global warming worldwide.
Nopasna is the volunteer based NGO with a mission of adopting 50,000 saplings every year

Most of us know that global warming is a serious problem and it is affecting all of us. NOPASNA'S mission is to help us to closely interact with nature by nurturing them with the care, love & affection as given to an adopted child.This will help us to achieve our goal of having an intimate and meaningful conection with plants, which are a part of nature. Our program offers everyone a chance to become a part of the solution.
  • ADOPT A TREE scheme: In this phase the saplings are optionally transplanted to a suitable location and taken care of till the time it is independent.
Adopt a tree scheme gives members of the community an opportunity to improve the quality of their local environment by adopting trees in parks and open spaces.

Adopting a tree is a great way to do your bit for the community by making the borough cleaner and greener.

We all want to live in an environment that is clean and green. Green spaces that have a high number of healthy trees help to make the borough more attractive and pleasant for everyone.

Whether you are a business wanting to highlight your green credentials, or an individual wanting to give a special gift or dedication, adopting a tree is a great way to give something back to your community.
What's involved?
Adopt a tree scheme is open to anyone who wants to make a contribution to their local environment.

We will work with you to identify which species of tree will be planted, and where your adopted tree will be located.

NOPASNA will plant your tree, look after it until it is well established, and carry out any necessary maintenance and pruning.

To thank you for contributing to the adopt a tree scheme you will receive an adoption certificate, and a mapped record of where your adopted tree has been planted.

Adopting a tree is a great way to make nature part of your family.
Things You'll Need
  • Cameras
  • Film
  • Buckets
  • Garbage bags
Instructions to be followed
  1. Take a walk and select a tree in a park or other public place that appeals to you.

  2. Name your tree.

  3. Touch your tree and get acquainted with how it feels. Inhale the scent of your tree, sniffing the leaves, bark and branches.

  4. Pick a leaf or two to take with you or do a leaf rubbing.

  5. Talk to your tree and think about what its life is like.

  6. Look to see what creatures the tree is home to: birds, insects, squirrels and so on.

  7. Consider how large your tree is and learn about how old it is. Think about all the things the tree has witnessed in its lifetime.

  8. Visit your tree often and notice how it changes with the seasons.

  9. Take a photo of the tree while standing in the same spot each season and compare the changes it has gone through.

  10. Draw pictures of your tree.

  11. Keep a journal about your tree, recording your observations each time you visit it.

  12. Bring a drink of water for your tree when you visit it.

  13. Remove any litter that has accumulated near your tree to help keep it healthy.
Our current participants include:
  • Schools - teachers and children
  • Officers of State Social Forestry Department
  • Volunteers of Nopasna
  • Members of Nature Loving Community
Join Us! You can join the Mission Green:
  • By offering your land for plantations
  • By volunteering to take care of a plant
  • By sponsoring an event
  • By sponsoring an project
  • By contributing funds for this project
You can join Mission Green in more than one ways: