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Lets find treasure with adventure in your garden
These are the in-campus activites. The adventure activities that can be organised with in your school premises. We bring all the equipments with professionals and set up the infrastrcture in your own school, for all the activites..
Quench your thirst for adventure    
1. Artificial Wall Climbing and Rappelling
Artificail wall will be erected in the school campus, training will be imparted to the students in climbing.
2. Obstacles
Rope Climbing, Ladder Climbing, River Crossing, Burma Bridge, Balancing Pole, Parallel Rope.
3. Archery, Target Shooting
Professionals will train the students.
4. Zorbing
A New Zealand sport, a huge 12' round transparent ball in which children are harnessed inside and are rolled in three directions.
Activity within the school campus and school hours.
Entire school can participate.
Low cost activities.
Inter class competitions can be arranged.
It will encourage children to participate in State &
National Open Competitions.
Adventure Around You (Outdoor Camp for Students)
Participants aged 8-18 years will get hands on experience to explore various kinds of wildlife, which in turn help them develop love towards Nature and Wildlife.

Campers are exposed to a number of wildlife based and fun activities throughout the day to keep them exited .Our focus is to increase a child's appreciation for nature, science and the environment.

Our aim is to provide children with a fun, creative, educational and enriching camping experience.

Activities vary for different locations.
Wildlife activities
Nature Walks and Trails   Jungle safari
Fun: Slow guided walking in and around the campus

Learning: Notice plants, animal tracks, bird-watching

Check List: Bird-calls, Plant Identification, Butterfly Classification, Insect-Spying, Water Plants, Orchids.

Highlight: Awareness about nature, importance of nature,
and ways of conserving
  Fun: Spotting wild life

Learning: Wild animal behavior and Wild-life tracking, Exposure to flora and fauna of Western Ghats

Safety: In association with forest department, expert guides. Jungle Safari in a secured Vehicle

Highlight: Jungle safari
Bird Watching   Fresh Water Fish Identification
Fun: Build bird houses, bird bath set-ups, bird feeding stations make bird treats

Learning: Identification of various kinds of birds and bird calls, using binoculars to spot birds

Highlight: witness bird habitat and learn more about various bird activities
  Fun: Fish catching in fresh water natural stream

Learning: Identify fishes and their habitat to understand the interlinks of eco system.

Safety: Experts guide the camp students
Wildlife games   Wildlife Handling
Fun & Learning: Wild Life games include - Leaf/Stone Collection - Team of 6 members are given 10 minutes of time to leaves and stones of various shapes and textures

Highlights: Act like an Animal- Game between two teams where one team acts like an animal and the other one tries to find the animal enacted. Silly Symphony- Game to induce curiosity in kids to identify objects in nature that makes sound when rubbed or banged together
  Fun & learning: Seeing wildlife in close and protecting them

Highlights: Learn methods to protect orpahaned or injured birds and animals first aid for wildlife and whom to approch in circumstances where wildlife requires professional care.
Wild Life Tracking   Moth & Butterfly Attracting
Fun: Get close to signs of wildlife, interpret trails, develop tracking ideas and predict wildlife activities.

Learning: Analyze signs, animal left behinds, scats, tracks, foot prints, hair, tree scratches, burrows, broken branches

Safety: complete activity is guided by wildlife experts and tracking guides Complete safety is taken care. Regular visit is done by doctors. Instructors are trained with first Aid.
  Fun: set up moth stations by putting up suitable lights white sheets and honey to attract moths, butterfly gardens are set with host plants that attract butterflies

Learning: identify moths & butterflies of different color, size and analyse their behaviour and camouflage techniques
Wilderness Survival skills including   Wildlife videos & Quiz
Fun: Building shelters in the woods, food finding and cooking techniques, making bamboo rafts, purify water, create friction fire, find wild food, and master a variety of wilderness crafts.

  Fun & Learning: Activity is designed to improve fun and learning through interactive sessions. Movies are always ended with quiz sessions.

Some of them include: Bird Behavior, Land of Tigers, Life of Wild Dogs, Bird calls, Butterflies of South India, etc…
Learning: First aid, Map Reading and Navigating, Identification of edible & poisonous plants, making use of available resources under harsh circumstances.

Safety: complete activity is guided by experienced trainers    
Nocturnal wildlife spotting   Plant Identification
Fun: Observe nocturnal creatures from the watch tower or jeep rides.

Learning: Spot Owls, Bats, Crabs, Night jar, Porcupines, etc

Safety: complete activity is guided by trained naturalists
  Fun: Getting close to the diverse plant life of Western Ghats

Learning: identification, uses, and how to use? of edible, medicinal, as well as poisonous plants.
Ethology and Wildlife Journaling   Cave exploration & Chimneying
Fun: Watch how wild animals communicate and relate with each other. Creating a journal with recorded observations for future studies

Learning: Observe wildlife carefully and study animal behaviors, instincts and animal nature, learn to react to animal signals.

Safety: Conducted by trained naturalists and field experts
  Learning : 1) Exploring caves.
2) A chimney is a big crack in a cliff that is wide enough for a climber to fit inside of. Chimneys range in width from squeeze chimneys that are just wide enough to accomodate a body to ones that require the climber to ascend it with a hand and a foot on each side of it. The process of climbing a chimney is called chimneying or chimney climbing.

Safety : We have appropriate equipment and training, & we follow the established rules for safe caving and cave diving. We keep in touch with latest equipment and techniques.
Fun Activities
Chocolate Making   Art / Craft
Fun & Learning: Making chocolates, moulding them to different shapes, & tasting chocolates in liquid format.   Fun & Learning: glass painting and soft toy Making will be included.
Horse riding   Astronomy Sky watching Using telescope
Fun: Natural body massager and a wonderful & thrilling experience.

Learning: Steering and stopping Horse, Moving Forwards, Mastering Trot and cantering, Pampering the horse.

Safety: All our horses are well trained and easy to be handled by kids. Helmets and knee caps made compulsory for riders to avoid injuries
  Fun: Sun dial Making, Sky – watching, Locating Planets, comets etc…

Learning: Introduction to basic Astronomy, Finding of Latitude, Studying Space objects, studying of constellations
Stream Bath / Play   Adventure Activities
    Fun: Enjoy the thrill of climbing through various modes

Learning: Fundamentals of climbing through theory and Practical session

Highlight: Adventure Activities can overcome different phobias
Barbeque/ Camp Fire   Rappelling
Fun & Learning: Every night at camp fires create warm and enjoyable atmosphere. Delicacies cooked include-Corn, Sweet potatoes, Cauliflower and potato barbeque, Grilled Paneer, and chicken (for non-veg campers).   Fun & learning: Gets the techniques of rappelling down from great height.

Highlight: Elevates confidence level