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ABOUT "Nopasna The Adventure People"
A) NOPASNA - NATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR PROMOTION OF ADVENTURE SPORTS & NATURE AWARENESS, an organisation of International Repute for promotion of Adventure Sports and Nature Awareness is established by Sri. M.A.Shakeeb the founder and Director in the year 1987

  M.A Shakeeb
Asst. Director (Training)
Head Office : Bellary,
Branches : Bangalore, Davangere, Gulbarga, Hubli, Karwar, Chikmagalur, Mysore

  • Democrating Adventure Sports and Nature Awareness by taking it to the doorsteps of the Learners & Public.
  • Providing Access to Adventure sports to all who seek it irrespective of age, region, religion and gender.
  • Offer Different Adventure Camps & Programs for Diversification & Upgradation of Skills ,Behaviour , Attitude & Knowledge to enrich one's Health, Nature and Environment.
  • To give an opportunity to get exposed to the Nature's beauty and create an environment which maximizes peoples comfort and enjoyment of living.
  • Economy Development
Prominent Features of NOPASNA:
  Mrs. Manjula
Asst. Director ( Marketing)
  • International Jurisdiction
  • Flexible Admission Rules
  • Flexibility in terms of Place, Pace and duration of Programs
  • Nationwide Adventure Support Services Networks
  • Cost Effective Programs
  • Resource Sharing, Collaborations and Networking with Different institutions / Organisations
  • Social, Nature/Eco-Friendly atrnosphere in the programs based on Locality and Needs
Executive Council will be of eminent IAS, IPS, IFS Officials

Hon.President will be the respective Deputy Commissioner / Superintendent of Police / any senior District level Officials

Training Team consists of Deputy Director(Training), Chief instructor, Senior Instructors, Asst.instructor, Training Assistants & Helpers
Brief Introduction to the list of Various programmes offerred by NOPASNA at different Locations:
Terrestrial Programmes:
  • Orgnaised Several Trekking in valley of flowers at Jaswanth, Trekking in Kuman Himalayas at Nanital, Trekking in Nepal, Trekking at Bhutan Kudremukh, Gagadikalu, Agumbe, Tadiyanadamo, Hebbe falls, Yana,

  • Organised camps at Indo Bhutan Trek,Nepal Trek, Bhutan Exploration Trekking Programme,

  • Organised Expedition to Bidan Peak 18,600 feet in Sikkim, Himalayas,

  • Organised Indo Srilanka Adventure Youth Exchange Programme, at Savandurga, Madikeri, Hassan, Sandur,Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur, Ooty, Kamalapur, Lakkundi, Bidar, Gulbarga, Mysore, Bangalore etc

  • Organised Expedition in Kuman, Himalayas.

  • Organised Adventure & Nature Camps for Rural students, Deaf & Dumb Students students from Weaker Section at Sandur,

  • Organised several Orientation Adventure camps at Savandurga, Madikeri, Hassan, Sandur, Sakleshpur, Chikmagalore, Ooty, Kamalapur, Lakkundi, Bidar, Gulbarga, Mysore, Bangalore etc.

  • Organised several Orientation Rock climbing camps at Chitradurga, Bellary, Sandur, Hampi, Badami, Ramanagaram, Savandurga etc.,

  • Organised several Coastal Trekk-97 to Goa, Coastal Adventure Package at Malpe,

  • Organised several Monsoon trekking programmes at Sandur, Gokak,

  • Organised High Altitude Mountain at Sikkim, High altitude Trekking at Himachal Pradesh

  • Organised Ice skating at Shimla,

  • Organised open Rifle shooting camp at Bellary, Davanagere
Aero sports :
  • Organised several Basic para-sailing at Bangalore, Bellary, Dharwad, Mangalore, Harihar, Gulbarga, Bidar, Hubli, Bagalokot, Bijapur, Hassan, Karwar, Mysore, Davanager etc.

  • Organised several Basic hang gliding at Bellary,lmphel(Asssam), Baba budangeri of Chiuckmagalore

  • Organised several Orientation Parasailing camps at Mangalore, Harihar, Gulbarga, Bidar, Pondichery, Kerala, Hubli,Bagalokot, Bijapur, Mysore, Hassan, Bellary

  • Organised several Microlite flying camp at Trivindrum, Mysore

  • Organised Hot Air Balooning at Bellary, Mysore,Hampi, Bidar

  • Organised Para jumping at Agra

  • Organised Power gliding awareness camp at Bellary

Aqua Sports Prgorammes:
  • Organised several Aqua Sports camps at Savandurga, Sandur,Shantisagar, KRS Backwater,Mantakalli (Mysore), Mangalore, Harihar, Gulbarga, Bidar, Pondichery, Kerala, Hubli,Bagalokot, Bijapur, Hassan, Bellary etc.

  • Organised several Basic swimming camp at Bellary, Dharwad, Mangalore, Harihar, Gulbarga, Bidar, Pondichery, Kerala, Hubli,Bagalokot, Bijapur, Hassan, Karwar, Mysore, etc.

  • Organised several River rafting programmes at River Tunga at Shimgeri, River sita at Hebri, River cauvery at Srirangapatnam, rafting expedition at Tungabhadra etc.

  • Organised several White water rafting at Ganges in U.P.

  • Organised Scuba diving progammes at Andaman, Karwar

  • Organised several Basic Aqua Sports camps at karwar, Badami
Nature Programmes
  • NOPASNA organised several Nature Study, Nature Awareness camps, at Shimoga, Chickmagalore, Sandur, Dandell

  • Organised several Animal cencus programmes, Seminars and Conferences.

  • Organised Workshop on snakes at Bellary,

  • Organised workshop on Deers at Rannebennur,

  • Organised Workshop on sloth bear at Bellary,

  • Organised Workshop on Tiger at Shimoga,

  • Organised Bird watching camps at Shimoga, Srirangapatna

  • Organised wildlife observation programmes on Star Tortoise

(a) Rescue Operation Traininq Programme (ROPE) :
Rescue Operations Training Programme will be organised for Police, Defence, Home guard, Disaster Management Officials, where they wih be trained in Rescue from Fire, Buildings, Accident site, water, Provide First Aid & Casuality handlin.
(b) Sahasotsava Programmes:
NOPASNA initiated adventure sports festival concept in 1997 & so far Dec 2008 organised 21 such festivals called 'Sahasotsava' in different famous fares & cultural festivals where in a huge mass of different strata of population , Local as well outsiders like arrives ie, Dasara of Mysore, Karavali of Karwar & Mangalore, Hampi Utsava of Hampi, Kadamboutsava of Sirsi, Bidar Utsava of Bidar, Anegundi Utsava of Anegundi Chikmagalore Utsava of Chikmagalore.

'Sahasotsava' is totally an adventure festival organised in a large scale with tented accomodation, Food, and varieties of adventure activities ie., Terrestrial, Aqua and Aero activities under one camp site. Special exhibitions will be organised at the camp sites to create general awareness among the illeterate population.
(C) Mission Green (Bellary):
NOPASNA intend to make Bellary (I phase) green by planting 5,00,000 trees across 10 years, the speciality of this agenda is not only planting the trees but to maintain them for seven years by formulating a new concept 'adopt a tree concept'.
(D) Adventure Guide Courses:
These courses were designed by NOPASNA as per the latest trend and demand in Eco-Tourism industry, that the Participant of this Programme can get an direct Job placement in Resorts, Departments, Institutions etc, Participants will be trained .as Adventure Professionals.
V Adventure Tourism Programmes for Bharat Scoutes and Guides:
NOPASNA has organised the following programmes exclusively for Bharat Scoutes & Guides.
  1. Orientation Adventure Camp
  2. Orientation Rock climbing camp
  3. Orientation Para-sailing Camp
  4. Orientation Aqua Sports Camp
  5. Trekking camp
  6. Adventure course for Scout Master & Guide Captains
  7. State level Trekking Programme
  8. National level adventure Jamboore
  9. National level Western Ghats Trekking Programmes
  10. National level Coastal Trekking Programme
  11. National level Rafting expedition
  12. National Rocky Terrain Trekking Programme
  13. Karnataka cross country Cycle expedition
  14. Karnataka Adventure race
  15. Rescue Operation Training Programme.
VI Adventure Programme for Schools(all the activity will be related to Agenture/Nature study:
NOPASNA Organises
  1. Awareness activities: Like Film shows, Demonstration, Equipment display, Photo exhibition, talks, Seminars, Workshops.

  2. Competitions: Like Painting, Dance, drama, elocution, debate etc.

  3. In-Campus activities: Like Artificial wall climbing, Archery, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Obstacles, Zorbing, Kite flying.

  4. Camps: One/three/five days camps like adventure camp, Nature Study camps, Leadership development camps, Outbound education camps are organised within the district within the state, within the country & abroad as per the requirement of the school managemnt.

  5. Adventure Carnival: It is a special programme organised by NOPASNA within the School / Campus. In which there are about 21 Adventure activities, Competitions, Slide shows, Exhibitions etc., spread across one week. Entire students will participate. It is filled with adventure, Nature Awareness, fun, thrill competitions and Prizes.
Adventure Programmes for Students:
  1. Snow skiing Programmes at Shimla / Across India
  2. Snow trekking Programmes at Manali
  3. Desert /trekking Programmes at Jaislomer
  4. Coastal Trekking programme at Puri
  5. High altitude Trekking Programme at Darjeeling
  6. White water rafting programme in Rishikesh
  7. Trekking in Rain forest in Assam
  8. Sky diving Programme in Bellary
  9. Himalayan Trekking Expedition.
VI Nature Awareness Programmes:
Lot of activities are organised on Nature also like Bird watching, workshop on snakes, endangered specific. Special awareness drives on Tigers, endangered species, Study of Medicinal plants, Census of wild life & birds. Anti poaching activities, Nature Study Programmes for Children, Competition on nature related topics, cycle and bike expeditions, Jathas, road shows etc, & many more.
(a) Nature Activities for Individuals
  • Seeing birds
  • Sketch a plant
  • Bird Trust
  • Species see
  • Seeing colours
  • Animal Tracks
  • Tree plantation
  • Painting competitions
(b) Nature Activities for Groups
  • Hawks and Birds
  • Hiding Games
  • Find a Tree
  • Bandana Trail
  • Animal Pretend
  • Circle Game
  • Find an Animal mate
  • Wild life census
  • Workshop on Snakes
  • Workshop of Medicinal Plants
  • Workshop on Deers at Rannebennur,
  • Workshop on sloth bear at Bellary,
  • Workshop on Tiger at Shimoga
Overall this type of survival skills and Nature Awareness programs provides Participants with a fun and exciting way to learn about themselves and the Earth.

They gain a greater understanding of primitive culture and how we have evolved into the modern people we are today. Most importantly Participants are left with a deeper appreciation of our connection to the Earth as the source of life.
  • Making Primitive fire
  • Finding, coIIecting, purifying, and storing water
  • Building Natural Shelters
  • Bush food identification
  • Animal tracking
  • Nature observation
  • Expanded awareness meditation
  • Fox walking
  • Wide angle vision
  • Blindfold string walk
Find an Animal mate
  • Wild life census
  • Workshop on Snakes
  • Workshop of Medicinal Plants
  • Workshop on Deers at Rannebennur,
  • Workshop on sloth bear at Bellary,
  • Workshop on Tiger at Shimoga